Why didn’t anyone tell me that artists have been going into Moog Studios to record “Mooged” versions of their songs. More importantly, why did no one tell me that MUTEMATH did so!?

Seriously, this video is great.

A super chill track by Gardens & Villa to help you mellow out before sleep.

Go on, take off your clothes listen.

Of course these pictures turned out horrible but I don’t care. I’ll just pretend that she was moving around so much the camera wasn’t able to fully capture her. 


Here’s another video we did. This time it’s a cover of ‘Simply Simple’ by Mother Mother!

My bff, Jenny, and I did a cover of a song by our friend’s band, Cera. We sat in an alley downtown and my brother filmed us. We have a couple other songs that we did but we wanted to throw this one up first. 

Song: 11:59 (Originally by Cera)

Check out (and download for free) the original version of the song by Cera here!

Refused is live on the BBC right now. Go listen!
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Watch Kimbra kill this live performance of Withdraw!

How about some live Radiohead from Bonnaroo? Eh? Eh?

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Lazy Sundays, finding excellent music on Youtube. 

City And Colour covering Kimbra’s “Settle Down”.  

MARK BERUBE AND THE PATRIOTIC FEW - Hello from Mitch Fillion (southernsouls.ca) on Vimeo.

Mark Berube and The Patriotic Few. One of the best (if not THE best) Canadian bands/artists you’ve never heard of. Live version of “Hello”. 



Said The Whale - “B.C. Orienteering” (live)

Tonight! Always excited to see these guys, no matter how many times I have already

Jealous! I wish they would come through town again :(

Said The Whale - “B.C. Orienteering” (live)

HANNAH GEORGAS - The Deep End from Mitch Fillion (southernsouls.ca) on Vimeo.

Hannah Georgas - “Deep End” (live)

Radiohead, from the basement, performing their album ‘The King Of Limbs’

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Sondre Lerche "Minor Details" from Lake Fever Sessions on Vimeo.

More Sondre Lerche