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The best.

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The Tallest Bridge in the World 

The bridge is from Southern France. Its called the Millau Viaduct and it is the tallest bridge in the world at the moment. The bridge connects the motorway network of France and Spain. It took 3 years to finalize the building and it is around 343 meters above the ground from its highest point. That is taller than the Eiffel Tower. 

This project has shown how architect and structural engineer can work closely together and that the former plays an integral role in the design of the bridge. 


I have an irrational fear of driving over bridges. I’m not sure I could handle this one…

Booming Urban Landscapes Symbolically Made of Steel

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Holy gorgeous gifset!

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Digital Art by Lai

Nguyễn Nhựt aka Lai is a 28 years old Hanoian artist based in Saigon.

How jealous would Stuart be if Kathryn was told by Marvel to write a new NEXTWAVE series?... Sorry, I wanted to ask something relating more to art and process and workflow and inspiration, but those seem to have been covered at one point or another... Neither of you really have to answer this if you don't want to... Keep up the great work, huge fan =)


Wait, what’s time again?

OK, since I didn’t write NEXTWAVE, I wouldn’t be jealous in the least. If she has been asked (not told, see previous) to draw NEXTWAVE, that would also be fine… but very unusual. If she had been asked to work on NEXTWAVE and I wasn’t, well, I have a job.

Anyway, I sent this to editor Nick Lowe last week and he liked it, so holy synchronicity.



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hawkeye by KyohazardI have waited so long for this.


hawkeye by Kyohazard

I have waited so long for this.


I am groot. 


I am groot. 


Apartments In Barcelona by Spanish Studio Nook Architect 

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